30 Years Ago In Sicily

30 Years Ago In Sicily

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nino Fazio, the Italian stalwart in the Strait of Messina community, and Christof Wandratsch, the German stalwart in the ice swimming community, first met in the Strait of Messina in 1986. “It was my first time ever in the Strait when I met Christof. Then I met him a few years later in Cefalù and other places in Sicily,” recalls Fazio.

This was 30 years ago at the first edition of the 16 km Scilla e Cariddi race, a crossing of the Strait of Messina. It was a special day for us all and the first time ever in the Strait for myself and for many friends, many of whom I knew that same day. Antonello Asmone, Furio Tripicchio, Alfredo Tripicchio, Marina Borraccia, Nino Micali, Florio Burburan, Christof ‘Wandi’ Wandratsch, Giorgio Greppi, Emilio Anzon, Annalisa Alagna, and others. Mauro Millauro [fifth standing from the right with a light blue shirt above] was the winner in 3 hours 25 minutes with Georg Tolman second and Christof third.”

Those kind of memories are plentiful among the open water swimming community.

Photo by Francesco Freni.

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