34 Countries On 5 Continents In The Olympic Marathon

34 Countries On 5 Continents In The Olympic Marathon

Swimmers from 34 countries on 5 continents are entered in the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

From small countries (Guam) to large ones (China), from land-locked countries (Hungary) to island nations (Great Britain), from tropical countries (Malaysia) to mountainous ones (Switzerland), from those on the Mediterranean (Tunisia) to those bordering the Pacific, the 50 athletes are truly a global mix and represent well the international community of open water swimmers.

The athletes, by country, are listed below:

1. Germany: Angela Maurer, Thomas Lurz and Andreas Waschburger
2. Russia: Anna Guseva, Sergey Bolshakov and Vladimir Dyatchin
3. Great Britain: Keri-Anne Payne and Daniel Fogg
4. Italy: Martina Grimaldi and Valerio Cleri
5. Greece: Marianna Lymperta and Spyros Gianniotis
6. Spain: Erika Villaecija and Francisco Hervas
7. Australia: Melissa Gorman and Ky Hurst
8. U.S.A.: Haley Anderson and Alex Meyer
9. Canada: Zsofia Balazs and Richard Weinberger
10. Japan: Yumi Kida and Yasunari Hirai
11. France: Ophelie Aspord and Julien Sauvage
12. Ukraine: Olga Beresnyeva and Igor Chervynskiy
13. Venezuela: Yanel Pinto and Erwin Maldonado
14. Hungary: Eva Risztov and Csaba Gercsak
16. South Africa: Jessica Roux and Troyden Prinsloo
17. Argentina: Cecilia Biagioli
18. Brazil: Poliana Okimoto
19. Czech Republic: Jana Pechanova
20. Switzerland: Swann Oberson
21. China: Yanqiao Fang
22. Poland: Natalia Charlos
23. Croatia: Karla Sitic
24. Hong Kong: Wing Yung Natasha Terri Tang
25. Malaysia: Heidi Gan
26. Mexico: Lizeth Rueda Santos
27. Belgium: Brian Ryckeman
28. Tunisia: Oussama Mellouli
29. Bulgaria: Petar Stoychev
30. Ecuador: Ivan Enderica Ochoa
31. Portugal: Arseniy Lavrentyev
32. Kazakhstan: Yuriy Kudinov
33. Guam: Benjamin Schulte
34. Egypt: Mazen Aziz

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