3.92 Flood Tide Provides Big Push From Bridge To Bridge

3.92 Flood Tide Provides Big Push From Bridge To Bridge

The 10K San Francisco Bridge to Bridge Swim to be held in the San Francisco Bay on July 11th is a special event limited to 45 highly qualified athletes.

The race will begin at the Golden Gate Bridge and finish at the San Francisco Bay Bridge with the water temperature expected to be 55-61°F (12.7-16°C).

Lee Bruno explains, “Only swimmers with extensive open water swimming experience should register. During a 3.92 flood, each swimmer will be provided ample support with kayakers. If the swimmer is unable to continue and is ordered out of the water, the swimmer must do so without question,” which points out to the inherent danger and risk of the cold-water event in the massive tidal flows of the Bay.

But the risks are professionally minimized by Bob Roper, Lee and the other veterans of the Bay. “We have an extremely experienced group directing the swim and safety is our top concern. This is a great amateur event for open water swimmers who have trained and want to participate in an amazing event. We’re expecting a 3.92 flood tide that day, so we’ll have a great push toward the Bay Bridge.”

The 3.92 flood refers to the peak flood tide measured in knots – when water coming into the San Francisco Bay. “The swimmers will start beneath the Golden Gate Bridge about mid-span where the water is moving strongest. That 3.92 flood translates into fast water. This enables the swimmers to get a big push into the Bay. As everyone stays on course past Alcatraz, making a right turn toward the water front to the finish at the base of the Bay Bridge.”

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Steven Munatones