3F: Move From Fear To Familiarity Through Frequency

3F: Move From Fear To Familiarity Through Frequency

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica.

World champion Holly Lawrence discusses how she transformed herself in the open water through the 3Fs: move from fear to familiarity through frequency with Coach Gerry Rodrigues and host Jim Lubinski at Tower 26‘s Be Race Ready podcast episode #17.

Lawrence talks about thorough preparation for a triathlon swim.

Rodrigues discusses different workouts with Lawrence including butterfly sets that are frequently done to build power and develop race take-off speed.

He described the podcast, “Jim and I interview 70.3 IRONMAN world champion, Holly Lawrence, with her run coach, Sean Jefferson. We learn Holly’s athletic history, starting with swimming, when running and biking were introduced with the natural evolution to triathlon. She discussed her coaches, her athletic progression, and her open water improvements.”

Butterfly kick on my backstroke is helpful to loosen my legs,” explains Lawrence. “It is one of my go-to exercises after a weekend. There is a lot more core stabilization when swimming butterfly than compared to swimming freestyle.”

Tower 26’s Be Race Ready series episode #17 is available on iTunes, Stitcher and at TOWER26.com.

Questions can be emailed to Gerry Rodrigues at gerry@tower26.com.

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