4 Women, 4 Years, 4 Channels

4 Women, 4 Years, 4 Channels

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

4 women over a 4-years period across 4 channels.

That is the goal for 4ForBlue, a team of four open water swimmers from Turkey.

Their 4-year plan is to swim across different channels around the world as a relay team over a 4-year period. Blue stands for the Aegean Sea where they often train.

In July, 4ForBlue swam across their first channel, the English Channel with the help of sponsor TeknoSA. Their relay crossing took them 17 hours 52 minutes, escorted by pilot Lance Oram on the Sea Satin.

The four women include 30-year-old Gunisigi Geren Cansizoglu, a Turkish handcrafts artist and member of Goztepe Masters Swimming Club, 42-year-old Sinem Tuzer, a lifelong swimmer and an engineer with the Galatasaray Masters Club, 43-year-old Seda Kansuk, a pharmacist who runs a pharmacy in Izmir with her husband, and 42-year-old Sadiye Kuş, dermatologist and member of Han Batur Master Swimming Club.

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