42 Do A Quick 2.4 Escape from Managaha

42 Do A Quick 2.4 Escape from Managaha

Forty-two swimmers ranging of all ages and abilities participated in the 9th Annual Escape from Managaha sponsored by the Saipan Swim Club.

With perfect conditions for the 2.4 km channel swim from Mañagaha to American Memorial Park, the swimmers were supported and monitored by 12 kayakers, the Sea Spray and Department of Public Safety Jet skis. Victoria Chentsova won in 38:09.10, closely followed by Kento Akimaru (38:09.3), and Ed Ewing (38:19:4) and Jeff El-hajj (38:41.3).

The swimmers saw all kinds of marine life including rays and turtles. Saipan Swim Club president Rob Torres summed up the event, “The most incredible observation I had was the number of smiles, laughter, and joy in the participants this morning.”

Certainly Jinnosuke Suzuki and Taiyo Akimaru (shown above) seemed satisfied.

The top 10 finishers included:
Victoria Chentsova 38:09.10
Kento Akimaru 38:09:31
Ed Ewing 38:19:41
Jeff El-hajj 38:41:38
Tyce Mister 39:54:01
Vener Urena 41:39:63
Pejman Kharrazian 41:44:63
Lennosuke Suzuki 44:32:53
Taiga Sato 44:32:53
Keanna Villagomez 44:45:97

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