Madeira Island Ultra Swim, 42 km

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Madeira Island Ultra Swim is one of the longest open water swimming competitions in the world.

The Ultra Swim includes a series of marathon swims held on Madeira Island in Spain held between the island of Porto Santo and Madeira. The total distance is 22.7 nautical miles or 42 km where the start is on the beach of Calheta (the southwestern tip of the island of Porto Santo) and the finish is at Ponta de São Lourenço, tip of the island of Madeira.

The 42 km marathon swimmers include:

1 Carla Patrícia
2 Miguel Arrobas
3 H. Gonçalves
4 Paulo Silva
5 Pedro Sousa
6 Davide Góis
7 Duarte Vieira
8 Artur Gomes
9 S. Angeles
10 C. Sánchez
11 Cesar H. Ruiz
12 Sérgio Pereira
13 Nuno Ferreira
14 Frederico S.

The Monk Seal Crossing (Crossing #1) is 22.7 nm or 42 km (€500 per swimmer). The Mero Crosing (Crossing #2) is a 2 x 11.4 nm or 2 x 21 km relay (€750 for two swimmers). Madeira’s Petrel Crossing (Crossing #3) is a 3 x 7.5 nm or 3 x 7.5 km relay (€1000 for three swimmers).

For more information on the swim in September, visit here.

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