42nd Annual Swim Around Key West Swimmers

Courtesy of Sergei Luzginov of Mosaic Media Productions of Bill Welzien’s historic Century Swim, his 100th solo swim around Key West on May 19th 2018.

The 42nd Annual 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West has a mixture of veterans and newcomers, blazing fast swimmers and those who can go on an all-day pace for a very long time.

66-year-old Anna Fugina, the first person to successfully swim around Key West, will participate in her 42nd event. After suffering injuries from a car accident and using swimming as physical therapy to assist in her recovery, Fugina took 12 hours to finish the inaugural circumnavigation swim around Key West in July 1977. In 1978, she finished in 8 hours and has entered in every one of the 41 previous Swims Around Key West.

This year’s annual event, organized by Terence White, will be held on June 16th with defending champion 52-year-old Eric Sullivan heading the field among the following solo swimmers:

41 Times:
Anna Fugina from Murdock, Florida (66, 2-time winner)

27 Times:
Bill Welzien from Sugarloaf Key, Florida* (68, 4-time winner)

11 Times:
Paul Grassie from Flemington, New Jersey (59)
William Haselden from Chapin, South Carolina (57)

9 Times:
Eddie Branigan from Vero Beach, Florida (45)

8 Times:
Sandra Carosi from Lebanon, New Jersey (52)
Eric Sullivan from Bay Harbor Islands, Florida (52, defending champion)

7 Times:
David Bellville from Clermont, Florida (29)

6 Times:
Stephane Naoumoff from Merritt Island, Florida (52)
Gregory Nelson from Umatilla, Florida (58)

5 Times:
Richard Villaverde from Coral Gables, Florida (53)

4 Times:
Kate Arrizza from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (37)
James Jacobson from Satellite Beach, Florida (55)

3 Times:
Mark Ahonen from Greenfield, Indiana (52)
Albert ‘Chip’ Bruchac from Westerville, Ohio (71)
Rob Coltman from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (46)
Richard Schoenborn from Palm City, Florida (60)

2 Times:
Rick Ashton from Tallahassee, Florida (71)
Michael Garcia from Sugarloaf Key, Florida (57)
Jason Hanks from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (41)
Patty Hermann from Houston, Texas (58)
James Karn from Memphis, Tennessee (55)
Karen Lewin from Boynton Beach, Florida (62)
Michael Treman from Wilmington, North Carolina (61)
Julia Wreski from Fort Myers, Florida (47)
Dougin Walker from Princeton, New Jersey (53)
Daniel Shaver from Pittsboro, North Carolina (59)
Leigh Rey from Hopkinsville, Kentucky (41)
Kimberly Plewa from Rahway, New Jersey (35)
Moke O’Connor from Fairhope, Alabama (67)

1 Time:
Justin Carestia from Aberdeen, Maryland (21)
Jeanne DeBonis from Brecksville, Ohio (53)
Elena Feliciano from Saint Petersburg, Florida (40)
Katy Freye from Stoughton, Wisconsin (45)
Ginny Fuldner from Monett, Missouri (71)
Victoria Kirkman from St. Petersburg, Florida (25)
Peter Klein from Alpharetta, Georgia (61)
Kelsey Krusen from Chapin, South Carolina (16)
Jack LeMaire from Franklin, Tennessee (26)
Kirk Wimberly IV from Marietta, Georgia (49)
Kerry Watts from Springfield, Missouri (39)
Wade Thomas from West Palm Beach, Florida (48)
Christopher Sustala from League City, Texas (47)
Sharon Stewart from Boca Raton, Florida (59)
David Speier from Bishopville, Maryland (62)
Paul Mellinger from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (52)

First Time:
Carla Albano from Hollywood, Florida (60)
Eric Arndt from Bloomingtonm Illinois (41)
Caitlyn Beecher from Tempe, Arizona (25)
Jo-Ann Berry from Boynton Beach, Florida (61)
Mark Bintley from Waterdown, Canada (45)
Eduardo Blanco from San Jose, Costa Rica (49)
Tiffany Brennan from Robbinsville, New Jersey (40)
Ryan Buechner from Columbus, Ohio (35)
Adam Bull from Dallas, Texas (24)
Marcelo Cataldo from Medellin, Florida (46)
Timothy Daly from Asheville, North Carolina (58)
Martin Detig from Yulee, Florida (31)
Michael Ebuna from Kennesaw, Georgia (48)
Jim Fenningham from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (29)
Thomas Findley from Tallahassee, Florida (58)
Gene Fober from Fortson, Georgia (62)
Craig Frederiksen from Moline, Illinois (32)
Alan Garft from Dunfermline, UK (55)
Suzanne Goodyear from Austintown, Ohio (51)
Bryan Hill from West Des Moines, Iowa (29)
Maureen Holohan from New York, New York (45)
John Horst from Anchorage, Alaska (34)
Jessica Kennedy from Leesburg, Florida (40)
Joe Kurek from Largo, Florida (48)
David Laushey from Marietta, Georgia (51)
Kimberly Lawler from Fort Worth, Texas (45)
Bill Lewis from Berkeley, California (51)
Luca Lioce from Loxahatchee, Florida (46)
Heidi Loecke from Kansas City, Missouri (46)
Samantha Lubin from Camwron, North Carolina (25)
Karin Lucke from New York, New York (50)
Chris Ludbrook from Kirkwood, Missouri (44)
John Lukow from Richmond, Indiana (50)
Rick Mann from Jacksonville Beach, Florida (58)
Heath McCleary from Lutz, Florida (39)
John McGinley from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (27)
Hannah Molden from Hollywood, Florida (26)
Eduardo Montalvo from Coral Gables, Florida (49)
Gina Myers from Spokane, Washington (23)
Zachary Paryzek from Melbourne, Florida (24)
Catie Pecak from Marshfield, Wisconsin (43)
Oceane Peretti from Miami, Florida (20)
Emily Pritchard from Johnson City, Tennessee (27)
Morgan Ribar from Arlington, Virginia (28)
Adeline Roberts from Franklin, Ohio (24)
Bruce Roberts from Brevard, North Carolina (61)
Andrew Rollins from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (54)
William Schnapp from Key West, Florida (37)
Michael Shane from Clearwater, Florida (56)
Michael Stephens from Winter Park, Florida (42)
Kyle Stewart from Boca Raton, Florida (32)
Eduardo Taddei from Buenos Aires, Argentina (40)
Chuck Tanner from Indialantic, Florida (60)
Stanley Trapp from Holiday, Florida (61)
Craig Travers from Honeoye Falls, New York (55)
Henry Van Note from Moline, Illinois (17)
Dimitar Videnov from Sofia, Bulgaria (42)
Bonnie Wright from Tallahassee, Florida (62)
Amir Yunus from Houston, Texas (40)
Zachary Zamora from Wellington, Florida (26)

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