44 Days Traversing The Pacific Ocean

44 Days Traversing The Pacific Ocean

Courtesy of Paul Lecomte, Pacific Ocean.

After swimming 0 nautical miles over the last few days due to squalls, Ben Lecomte remains 583 nautical miles (1,080 km) off the coast of Japan.

Prior to stalling in his swimming progress over the last 48 hours, Lecomte had enjoyed enough calm weather to swim 32.91 nm on July 13th, 1.74 nm on July 14th, 29.45 nm on July 15th, and 27.49 nm on July 16th during The Swim. But unswimmable is the current, unsafe condition.

Over the last 44 days, Lecomte the crew on the Seeker has encountered storms, squalls, massive cargo ships, sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles while Lecomte has swam through countless amounts of plastic garbage.

For additional videos and reports from The Swim, a 8,721 km transoceanic stage swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to California, visit here.

For more details, visit benlecomte.com. The daily logbook is posted here.

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