4.4 nm To Go For Craig Lenning

4.4 nm To Go For Craig Lenning

Photo of Craig Lenning courtesy of Vito Bialla, currently 4.4 nautical miles from the California mainland.

As night is falling, Captain Vito Bialla and crew are escorting Craig Lenning to Muir Beach due to a intensely thick fog that has shrouded the area around San Francisco Bay.

There was no flood tide and there was a person who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge, so we are headed to Muir Beach. Never a dull moment out here. Craig is happy.”

With the water around 52ºF (11.1ºC), it is no wonder Lenning is looking forward to walking up on shore north of the Golden Gate Bridge – the first time in 47 years a swim like this has been accomplished.

Follow Lenning‘s progress here on the Night Train Swimmer’s website. For more background information, visit here.

Follow tweets from Lenning’s escort boat here and via the Night Train Swimmers’ Facebook page.

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