48 Brazadas By Miquel Sunyer And James Manresa

48 Brazadas By Miquel Sunyer And James Manresa

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Neda el Món is marketing Miquel Sunyer‘s book during the holiday season.

This Christmas give Miquel Sunyer’s book: “48 BRAZADAS” 48 Brazadas is the perfect choice. It is not a book about gifted athletes or supermen. It is a book about a young normal guy with a normal job that challenges himself on the basis of years of effort and sacrifice and untiring perseverance.

It’s the story of someone who, like all of us, felt that something was missing and instead to stay with his arms crossed, decided to move, look inside of him, and go for what had always been a happy place for him: the water, the sea

His stubbornness to find what was missing was the key to lead him to achieve what any Catalan swimmer had not yet achieved: the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

48 Brazadas (48 Swimming Strokes: Only you set your horizons) is a 230-page book written by Sunyer with James Manresa written in Spanish and Catalan.

Sunyer consistently takes 48 strokes per minute in the open water.

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