5 Men To Tackle Great Big Monster Sea Swim

5 Men To Tackle Great Big Monster Sea Swim

Paul Irwin, Dr. Bruce Hughes, Jon Parker, Simon Mathers and John Jameson are back at it again.

The five friends and triathletes set a record of 7 hours 3 minutes in a 5-man 21-mile relay between Lundy Island to Woolacombe Beach in North Devon, United Kingdom in 2009. But with their appetites whet, they intend to really step up their training on a monster swim.

Their Great Big Monster Sea Swim is nearly 4 times as long. The 81-mile Great Big Monster Sea Swim in the Bay of Biscay between Guernsey in the Channel Islands and Dartmouth on the south coast of Devon will take them an estimated 48 hours. The charity relay, estimated to require each man to swim 16 miles, is being done in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust as a part of the Sanofi 1000 Mile Challenge.

Paul explains, “Swimming without lines or a poolside is just amazing. It’s a test of your physical endurance definitely, but even more than that: it asks questions of your confidence and your trust in anyone you swim with. It can be really risky with waves and currents, but the reward is a very different perspective of the coast and a good workout.”

Dr. Hughes says, “The challenge here is really unique. We all lead and work with teams on a daily basis, however the need to work together is critical here. This is something we can only achieve as a team and could never do as individuals. So this takes team building and trust in your colleagues to a whole new level.”

Similar to the words about sacrifice and pain of those who are facing illnesses by Roger Allsopp who crossed the English Channel in 2011 as the oldest individual in history and Maarten van der Weijden who won the gold medal in the Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km as a leukemia survivor, Simon explains how their efforts must be put in the proper context. “We can train for this swim. We know it will be an immense physical and mental challenge. But however hard it is, it can only pale into insignificance in comparison to the challenges teenagers with cancer face on a daily basis. We hope in doing something to raise the profile of Teenage Cancer Trust. We can help keep the funds coming in at a time when everyone is financially a little less able to give to charity.”

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