5 Out Of 40 Leaves One Rory Fitzgerald

5 Out Of 40 Leaves One Rory Fitzgerald

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Neda el Món reported that only 5 out of 40 participants were able to finish the 22.3 km Illes Formigues – Illes Medes Swim in Spain. But only Rory Fitzgerald, a British ice swimmer, was able to complete the swim sans wetsuit.

Fitzgerald completed the swim in 11 hours 27 minutes. “That was tough; [it was] a whole lot tougher than I expected. I entered the Medes to Formigues Islands swim in the anticipation that it would be a long swim in benign conditions with fair weather and flat, relatively warm water. [But] it is probably the toughest swim I have ever made. Since this event began in 2010, only 30 people have accomplished the swim.”

Fitzgerald was only the sixth bioprene swimmer to complete the swim.

Photo by Angela Harris.

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