50 Tons In The Ultimate World Iron Swim Challenge

50 Tons In The Ultimate World Iron Swim Challenge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi will pull a 50-ton ship 200 meters in the Ultimate World Iron Swim Challenge in Port El Kantaoui on December 23rd.

His event has generated significant media interest in Tunisia where it will be covered by Al Jazeera TV, El Hiwar Ettounsi TV, Janoubia TV, TNN TV, Jawhara FM, Chams FM, Mosaique FM and sports magazines. Banners are streaming throughout the cities of Sousse, Hammam Sousse, and Port El Kantaoui. The Governorate of Sousse, La Société d’Etude et de Developpement Sousse Nord, Regional Commissariat of Tourism of Sousse, Hammam Sousse’s security forces, Coast Guard, Civil Protection Unit, Majorette of Sousse will also participate.

After my swim, I will deposit a bouquet of flowers at the place where the innocent tourists were taken by terrorism at Port El Kantaoui-Sousse a few months ago,” says Belhedi. “It’s a significant act to remember the innocent victims and to address a New Year’s wish that peace and friendship will prevail across the world.”

With a simple rope attached around his waist, Belhedi will attempt to pull a 50t ship named Mohamed Ali from a dead stop. His previous best was pulling a 22-ton ship for 200 meters over 11 minutes in the same port in his World Iron Swim Series.

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