The 50-year-old University Freshman, Suzanne Heim-Bowen

The 50-year-old University Freshman, Suzanne Heim-Bowen

Deborah McDonald directed and produced an independent film about International Masters Hall of Fame Open Water inductee, Suzanne Heim-Bowen. The film was selected to be shown at the 2012 Indie Spirit Film Festival on April 19th – 22nd in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

50 year old FRESHMAN Suzanne Heim-Bowen is the remarkable and unlikely story about how a California college recruited Suzanne to swim on their team. Being a fast swimmer was an easy reason to recruit Suzanne.

However, the fact that Suzanne competes against swimmers who are 30 years her junior is the real surprise and joy of this film.

Deborah chronicles Suzanne’s season while looking back on her open water exploits during the 30 years leading up to her first college swim season. With women over 40 the fastest growing demographic group in the global open water swimming community, this film on Suzanne is timely and representative of how many women from all walks of life are turning back the clock by taking to the open water:

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Steven Munatones