6 For 6 At The Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge

6 For 6 At The Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge is organized by Michael Zoetmulder of Zports [shown on left].

The 5 km sea swim is called the most difficult open water race in the Indian Ocean.

This is one of the many epic open water swimming events in South Africa which last year enjoyed a record number of entries,” said Zoetmulder.

Jendamark Automation is the event supporter, providing sponsorship and prize money for the neoprene and bioprene divisions.

Zoetmulder reports that 6 local swimmers have completed all 6 Bellbuoy swims held at Pollok Beach to date, including Mary-Anne Stott, disabled swimmer Stanford Slabbert, Richden Jute, Andre Kleynhans, Ralph West, and Brenton Williams.

The event attracts both the young and old. Maria Stott (59 years) and Rob Connacher (80 years) hold the record for the oldest individuals to complete the swim. Christie Vaughan (14 years 28 days) and Ian Venter (14 years 334 days) are the youngest.

Husband and wife duo of Gary Albertyn and his wife Megan are also expected to compete for podium positions as masters swimming age group record setters.

Zoetmulder reports, “Each year it’s great to see more and more social open water swimmers taking up the challenge. Whilst the 5 km distance is achievable for many, it’s the fear factor of swimming 2.5 km directly out to sea which separates the Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge swimmers from all others.”

For more information, visit www.zsports.co.za.

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