6 Swim 4 Peace Between Egypt And Israel

6 Swim 4 Peace Between Egypt And Israel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

6 Swim 4 Peace is a 280 km all-female relay in the Mediterranean Sea scheduled for October.

They will start 30 miles north of Port Said, Egypt, swim to Ashdod, Israel, and then head northward to Herzliya, Israel.

Idith Ron (55), Vered Ben Herut ­(48), Limor Barak, Efrat Aloni, Einav Vered ­(42), and Michal Tzohari Shenhar ­(40) have a clear mission. “We are all mothers and a grandmother who wish to pass along the message of faith in peace and in the ability to attain it.

We envision a stark parallel between our ability to swim hundreds of kilometers, day and night, regardless of the water temperature, and our leaders’ ability to seek and attain a peace agreement. We are tapping into our love for the sea and for swimming to stir a media appetite for peace. The task we have set for ourselves requires great efforts which symbolize the importance of peace for us and the people’s hope for a peace agreement.

Just as we use our breath to reach our destination, so we expect the leaders of the Middle East, where we live, to constantly think about how to attain peace. Nothing will stop us on the ‘road’ we have chosen, just as our leaders should charge on relentlessly to attain peace

Shenhar predicts good conditions in October, “The water temperature is expected to be approximately 24°C, and the sea is usually good for swimming at this time of the year.”

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