73 Years Of Open Water Swimming In Sri Lanka

73 Years Of Open Water Swimming In Sri Lanka

For 73 years, the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Union has held its annual Two Mile Sea Swim on shores of Mount Lavinia Hotel, a beautiful five-star hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This year, a 1 km Interclub Masters’ Open Water Sea Swim was added. The competition is most definitely one of the Top 50 Open Water Swims in Asia.

We are honoured to be a part of this global growth and a sport that indeed needs much recognition in our country and the Mount Lavinia Hotel that boasts of a fabulous beach frontage can enable these kinds of endurance sports to surface,” explained Anura Dewapura, General Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Under the leadership of Akhry Ameer and former three-time Olympic swimmer Julian Bolling (shown on left), a large number of local swimmers enjoyed the 4 C’s of open water swimming: Competition, Challenge, Camaraderie and Collegiality

The results of the 1 km Interclub Masters’ Open Water Sea Swim are below:

30-39 Age Division
Men – 1st: Altaf Jeevanjee, 2nd: Ichioka Takaoki, 3rd: Asanga Nanayakkara
Women – 1st: Matsuyama Tomoko, 2nd: Anusha H.Hettigoda, 3rd: Sabina Omar

40-49 Age Division
Men – 1st: S.K.I. Silva, 2nd: J.B.A. umara, 3rd: U.W.K. Bandula
Women – 1st: Dorothy Mihindukulasuriya, 2nd: Azira Esufahly, 3rd: Ramani Fernando

50-59 Age Division
Men – 1st: Kantha Karunaratne, 2nd: I.P.A. Kekulandara, 3rd: R.M.V. Rathnayake
Women – 1st: Dilini Dolapihilla

60-69 Age Division
Men – 1st: Brian Perera, 2nd: P.S.P. Dayananda
Women – 1st: Tara Bolling

70+ Age Division
Men – 1st: D.R. Athukorala

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