7K Eagle Ray And 3.5K PauPau to Tanapag In Saipan

7K Eagle Ray And 3.5K PauPau to Tanapag In Saipan

Immediately sunrise on July 7th, 9 swimmers and 7 kayakers departed from PauPau Beach on the northern end of the Saipan Lagoon for Managaha Island 7 km away.

Paddler and navigator Ann Jordan led organizer from Saipan Swim Club Jeff El-Hajj and Ed Ewing for their inaugural two-hour swim to Managaha. Following behind Saipan’s two fastest swimmers was first-timer Robyn Wondrasek with husband-kayaker Travis Spaeth. Adam Hardwick swam along his escort boat captained by Jeff Taylor who would periodically get out to swim, towing his boat behind him.

Dirk Sharer traveled from the United Arab Emirates to participate in his fourth 7K Eagle Ray swim and was escorted by Shelley Kremer. Carol Lynn Pierce, who also has done all the previous Eagle Ray swims, escorted Pejman Kharrazian and paddler Yogi Singh. Jennifer Pierce and Sibylla Guerrero were escorted by Richard Pierce with Jeremy Richards and Rami Badawy in a support canoe.

Also starting from PauPau with the 7K participants was a group of 10 swimmers and 2 kayakers undertaking the first 3.5 km open water swim to the Tanapag channel.

David Banes, Suzy Kindel, Mamiko Berger, Monica Yamaguchi, Josh Berger, Paul Viator, Harumi Suzuki, Florence Antonio-Lemur Macon, Manny Sitchon and Tamio Nishikido swam with kayakers Nicky Nichols and Jun Lee serving as guides in the 1 hour 20 minute swim.

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