£8 For £1 Deal To Benefit Whale And Dolphin Conservation

£8 For £1 Deal To Benefit Whale And Dolphin Conservation

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Stephen Redmond heard the call of the whales during his Molokai Channel crossing in Hawaii. Adam Walker literally experienced self-preservation when he was surrounded by dolphins in the Cook Strait. And innumerable ocean swimmers have personally felt the joy and awe of swimming with whales and dolphins on their crossings and training swims.

Now ocean swimmers can show and give their support to these marine mammals of the order Cetacea.

(Adam) Ocean Walker have teamed up with artist Rido to create a colorful swim cap in order to make a donation to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. “For every cap purchased, we will donate £1 to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation,” writes Walker. “Help to spread the awareness in style. Do it for the whales and dolphins.”

Purchases for £8 of the Ocean Walker cap are available here.

When we began working on this project and decided that we wanted a powerful message with a striking design, we knew exactly who to contact. The intricate design of this swim cap holds strong messages about the ocean and marine life, something that the artist Rido specialises in. Usually his drawings are in black and white only, so with the addition of colour to this artwork makes it even more awesome.”

Rido specializes in black and white intricate and encrypted drawings. He explains, “I start with the main drawing, which is the drawing you will see from far out. Then I fill the main drawing with many hidden smaller drawings and encryptions. As you get closer to the drawing you see more and more and can understand the inside meaning of the drawings. The more you look at it the more you see.”

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