8 Is Enough, Early Across The English Channel

8 Is Enough, Early Across The English Channel

Courtesy of Rory Fitzgerald, English Channel.

A team of experienced open water swimmers completed the earliest crossing the English Channel yesterday in water that ranged from 8.5°C (47.3°F) along the English coast to 11°C (51.8°F) on the French side. The team, organized by Howard James completed the swim in 11 hours 26 minutes on April 7th to become the earliest successful crossing.

The team was organised by Howard James and escorted by pilots Andy King and Eric Hartley of the Channel Crossing Association.

The swimmers include Matthew Culverwell (1st), Redy Redfern (2nd), Rory Fitzgerald (3rd), Phia Steyn (4th), Jeremy Irvine (5th), Clare Hansell (6th), Pip Barry (7th), and Annette Stewart (8th) and swam to support The Alexa Trust (supporting parents in neonatal).

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