Despite the ongoing pandemic, Ryan Stramrood achieved his Century Swim of the Robben Island in South Africa, completing 114 crossings at a 100% success rate on 7.4 km stretch of water between Robben Island and Cape Town.


Ryan Stramrood achieved his 114th crossing from the Robben Island to Cape Town, cold 7.4 km stretch of water. The 5-time Ice Mile swimmer with extreme swims in Patagonia, Russia and Antarctica including the first Ice Mile in -1°C water in the Southern Ocean is a motivational storyteller, writer and speaker.

Why it was nominated

For delivering inspirational messages with a powerful force of personality and through articles based on mind-boggling extreme swims, for crossing the Robben Island channel 114 times, and for being a versatile, hardened teammate, relay member, second, and solo swimmer.


South Africa


Ryan Stramrood