90 km Relay Swim Between Mersin And Girne

90 km Relay Swim Between Mersin And Girne

90 km Relay Swim Between Mersin And Girne

Courtesy of Pelin Çelik, Bosphorus Turkey.

Hacettepe University in Ankara has a masters swimming club that will organize a new 90 km relay swim from Girne on the north coast of Cyprus to Mersin on September 1st. Held on Peace Day in Turkey, it will be the second edition of the 90 km event between Cyprus and Turkey.

There are 12 swimmers in the relay in an area where there are many sharks and marine life. Two FINA referees will be on boat for official confirmation of the swim.

The organizers chose this route for the following reasons:

* Cyprus is a big island full with history and this route is connecting this big island/country with mainland Turkey
* September 1st is Peace Day in Turkey
* Friendship and peace is the goal
* Break down boundaries and barriers of political issues and focus on a swim in peace
* Introduce this 90 km route to the international swimming community

On September 1st 2019, a group of Hacettepe University swimmers completed the 90 km swim in the opposite direction, from Mersin to Girne. The swimmers [shown above] include Erman Akkaya, Temel Yaki, Boran Karataş, Emin Aydin Yağmurlu, Mustafa Şakir Başaran, Mehmet Hilmi Soylu, Zafer Özdem, Deniz Kayadelen, Pelin Çelik, Nukhet Atilgan, Burçak Tümay Pekel, and Murat Meto. But the current runs in the opposite direction so this year’s Girne-to-Mersin course will be more difficult.

Swim from Mersin to Girne – 90K was successful. One year later, the Swim from Girne to Mersin – 90K will be a redux in the opposite direction.

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