Mayra Santos Enjoying The Sea

Mayra Santos, a Guinness World Record holder originally from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is an open water swimmer and former competitive swimmer who swims around Madeira Island in Portugal. She is a swim guide for Swim Together in Portugal who loves swimming in the sea. "The sea does me good, offers me many things and beyond everything, makes

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World Swim Day: Learning To Be Heroic

World Swim Day, founded in 2018 and sponsored by MySwimPro, is held on the fourth Saturday of October each year. The celebration aims to increase participation in swimming and promote water safety inclusive of geography, language, and skills. When we consider how many people cannot swim - even to save their life - teaching people how to be water safe is

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Is Open Water Swimming Dangerous?

Is open water swimming dangerous?

If you can swim and are water safe, the answer is no. But are there inherent risks when venturing past the shoreline?

Most certainly, there are.

But there are risk mitigation steps that you can take in every situation. Top 10 Risks In order of probability that you may encounter -

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