A Cada Brazada: El Azul Interminable In English

A Cada Brazada: El Azul Interminable In English

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

A cada brazada: el azul interminable is a Spanish-language book by Nora Toledano and Antonio Argüelles that describes their channel crossings and colorfully equates their channel swimming experiences to a survival in the sea of life.

The book is now published in English, With Each Stroke: The Endless Blue in English and is available on Amazon Kindle as an e-book here.

“After deducting 30% tax payments, we will donate the remaining 70% of the royalties we earn to the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA in San Diego, California,” explained Argüelles who is an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame like his co-author Toledano.

Their book tells their experiences of completing a crossing of the English Channel. By fulfilling their dream, both swimmers explain their motivation for taking up the challenge and how a sports challenge can morph into a metaphor for surviving in the sea of life.

Toledano describes her two-way crossing of the English Channel and the allure of the Channel. Argüelles follows with his crossing and different scenarios in both the water and on dry land.

Argüelles completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming twice while Toledano has completed 6 solo crossings and 5 relay crossings of the English Channel.

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