A Can’t Miss Ocean Race Is Anchored by Big Turn Buoys

A Can’t Miss Ocean Race Is Anchored by Big Turn Buoys

The King and Queen of the Sea always surprises us with their easy-to-see, can’t-miss colorful turn buoys. The 2012 edition of the Rei e Rainha do Mar features green, orange, purple, white and blue 4-meter square buoys branded with the different race sponsors.

Gatorade, Wise Up, Circuit Light, Sedex, Rexona, OLX, Mormaii, Caixa, and Brasil’s Lei De Incentivo Ao Esporte dot the course with their landmark turn buoys.

In order to stay upright in winds, storms, waves and ocean swells, the anchor system was developed in consultation with Professor Ricardo Ratto.

Each corner of the turn buoy is anchored by a heavy bag filled with sand. This is balanced by a fifth anchor tied the middle of the buoy. So even if many swimmers are on one side or hanging on the ropes, it will remain stable and upright.

At the 2007 Pan American Games, we had huge surf and gigantic ocean swells here at Copacabana Beach. Because this is an ocean course facing the wide-open Atlantic Ocean, we have to be prepared for everything and anything

That they are for sure.

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Steven Munatones