A Changing Of The Guard

A Changing Of The Guard

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

With President-elect Donald Trump taking control of the U.S. federal government in a week, this photo showing Alex Meyer with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden is fitting.

Both Meyer, President Obama and Vice President Biden are leaving their respective worlds. While the politicians have not yet announced what they are going to do, Meyer is now hard at work as the Race Project Manager for Spartan Race, an innovative obstacle race management company with over 120 races worldwide.

While President Obama ends his term with a slew of presidential actions that may be likely modified, repealed and replaced by his successor, Meyer culminated his career with a victory at the 62nd Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean and will continue to cheer on and support his successors within USA Swimming and the rest of the global open water swimming community.

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Steven Munatones