A Decade Of A White Knight

A Decade Of A White Knight

Courtesy of Phil White, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

Far, far away from the most renowned hotbeds of open water swimming, Phil White has created an unlikely mecca of open water swimming in Vermont. Through his relentless force of persuasion and countless hours of endless work in The Clubhous on the shore of Lake Memphremagog, he has enabled people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to realize some of their greatest lifetime athletic accomplishments.

He is a dream maker with an endearing smile and a strategic, long-term vision that he has painstakingly executed day by day and mile by mile. His efforts have not only lifted up all the boats in the global open water swimming community, but will provide future generations of swimmers from around the world a unique challenge and enjoyment of swimming in the Northeast Kingdom.

White reminded the growing community of 1,000 participants and an equal number of kayakers from 40 U.S. states including Alaska and Hawaii, two Canadian Provinces (Quebec and Ontario), Mexico, India, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland, and Saudi Arabia, “The Kingdom Swim is heading into its tenth year this coming July. Since its start in 2009, Kingdom Swim has become the flagship for a growing number of swims , hosted by Kingdom Games and the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association.

Many return year after year. Many do multiple swims in a given year that are made possible by a host of volunteer kayakers, boat pilots, crew, and beach support

For the full schedule of swims in 2018, for a database of all NEKOWSA (Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association) swims from 2009 to 2017, and to register online, visit www.kingdomgames.co.

* February 23th – 25th: Fourth Annual Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival (25m, 50m, 100m, 200m swims in a pool cut in Lake Memphremagog)
* June 30th: Son of a Swim (2-, 4-, 6-, 10-mile swims in Lake Memphremagog)
* July 14th: Georgeville or Bust (15-mile cross-border swim between Newport, Vermont, USA and Georgeville, Quebec, Canada)
* Individual cross-border swims offered throughout July and August
* July 17th, 18th or 19th: In Search of Memphre (25-mile traverse of Lake Memphremagog between Newport, USA and Magog, Canada)
* July 28th or 29th: Tenth Annual Kingdom Swim (25 km Border Buster, 10-mile, 10 km, 5 km, 1-mile, ¼-mile and 100-yard swims)
* August 11th – 19th: NEK Swim Week (9 days, 8 lakes, 46 total miles where participants can swim one day or all eight days with an option of shorter swims on each day)
** August 11th: Crystal Swim (5 miles)
** August 12th: Island Pond Swim (4 miles)
** August 13th: Lac Massawippi, USA – Ayers Cliff, Canada (9-mile cross-border swim, passport required)
** August 14th: Lake Seymour (6.2 miles)
** August 15th: Echo Lake Swim (6 km and 12 km perimeter swim)
** August 16th: Lake Memphremagog (6.5 miles)
** August 18th: Eighth Annual Willoughby Swim (5-mile point-to-point race)
** August 19th: Caspian Swim (1.5 miles and 3 miles)
** Double-crossing of Lake Willoughby (10 miles) and Lac Massawippi (18 miles) optional
** September 10th, 11th or 12th: In Search of Memphre VIII (25-mile expeditionary cross-border swim of Lake Memphremagog)

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