A Deep Dive Into The Ocean

A Deep Dive Into The Ocean

Courtesy of WOWSA, Port of Los Angeles, California.

AltaSea will offer a free public study on where the United States Federal government is headed related to ocean conservation and the Blue Economy on Friday, March 12th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm PST.

To register for this deep dive on ocean conservation, visit here.

The panelists include David Brown, who is USC’s Vice President for Federal Relations and serves as the university’s chief advocate on all legislative and regulatory matters related to higher education and student aid policy, federal research funding, and healthcare policy in Washington, DC.

Another panelist is Chris Castillo, the Director of Federal Government Relations for University of California San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She has an extensive background in policy and community and government relations, in both the public and private sector. In her current role, Castillo focuses on congressional relations, strategic partnerships, facilitating extramural funding at the federal level, and research planning.

The third panelist is Don Polese, the Senior Partner/Managing Partners at Vectis DC. He has spent over three decades on Capitol Hill, both with leading Members of Congress and as a consultant to many significant California private and public companies and organizations.

The moderator is Janet Clayton, a communications and strategy expert, and the editor of two Pulitzer Prize-winning series at the Los Angeles Times.

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