A Frosty Swim With Warm Feelings

A Frosty Swim With Warm Feelings

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Matías Ola will attempt to swim 4.5 km with British ice swimmer Jackie Cobell across the Estrecho de San Carlos between Gran Malvina and Soledad in the Falkland Islands. From the frost-covered shores, they will enter Antarctic waters where sea temperature of only 8°C. “This crossing, together with Jackie, will have enormous significance. We want to take this message of unity under the Unir el Mundo project,” explains Ola.

Sometime between Marhc 14th and 21st, the pair will make the attempt. “The tides, currents and winds will be key to get out and be able to swim. That will also determine if the swim will be easy or difficult.”

Ola also is the National Brand Ambassador by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina. “I swim always representing my country, wherever, so the goal that I have very clear is that I do public diplomacy to transform negative thoughts into positive.”

Cobell, representing the United Kingdom, and Ola, representing Argentina, were previously indirectly united through the Falklands conflict. “We want to make this swim hard and dream all this time with the idea of ​​sharing a message of peace, unity and harmony among our countries.”

I feel very honored that I have been invited to swim together in this historic swim,” Cobell responds. “We are going to swim with friendship, harmony and love. And hopefully our message help to bridge the gap that our countries are feeling.”

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