A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall On Crowdfunder

A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall On Crowdfunder

Courtesy of Calum Hudson, Wild Swimming Brothers.

Wild Swimming Cornwall, a group of wild swimmers in Falmouth, England, launched a Crowdfunder for its new wild swimming guide paperback book with 100 photos, called A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall.

Calum Hudson explains, “Bethany Allen, Max Campbell and Lydia Paleschi aim to publish A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall to make it easier and safer for others to experience the health benefits of wild swimming. They also want to share information on the mental and physical health benefits that it offers. They are hoping to raise the print and design costs for the guidebook through this fundraiser so that they can afford to publish the book and provide a resource to anyone who wants to access the joy and beauty of wild swimming in Cornwall.The guide will contain information on the benefits of cold water swimming, safety information and approximately 60 locations to swim at in Cornwall. These have been carefully picked, taking into consideration safety, footfall, the local environment and the impact it will have on the local community.

They’re offering a £25 donation option which includes a signed copy of A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall with your name printed in the back of the book for all to see, or a £30 option which is the same thing plus a Wild Swimming Cornwall swimming badge. There are 230 of the first option available and 100 of the second. Alternatively, it is possible to just donate as well.

They’re also using one of the most sustainable print houses in the country (St Austell Printing Company) so the book will be made from 100% recycled paper and the book itself will be 100% recyclable.”

For more Crowdfunder information and the Guide, visit here.

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