A Long Swim Is Going Innovative In 2021

A Long Swim Is Going Innovative In 2021

Courtesy of Douglas McConnell, A Long Swim

A Long Swim raises money to fund collaborative ALS research per the direction that Douglas McConnell set forth nine years ago. He has been particularly creative this season. He explains, “We’ve raised more than US$1 million,” said McConnell. “And we aren’t going to stop until we meet an ALS survivor.   In addition to planning some swims for this season, we have a couple of friendraiser ideas.

My friend has dedicated 100% of his total revenue from this year’s coffee crop to A Long Swim.  Every dollar you spend to enjoy the best coffee in the world goes straight to A Long Swim’s mission.  This is a win-win of the dark-roast variety. You can shop directly from www.CaneRoadFarm.com.

For the NCAA basketball tournament brackets have been announced, and we put together a Split-the-Pot Bracket Challenge (see here to submit US$20 per bracket that you submit). We will be able to follow the progress of how your bracket is performing against everyone else’s bracket. When you win, you will split the pot with A Long Swim.”


Photo above shows McConnell in the Molokai Channel where he swam for 16 hours 3 minutes between Molokai Island and Oahu Island.

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