A Passion For The Ice By Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova

A Passion For The Ice By Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova

A Passion For The Ice By Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova

Courtesy of Nuala Moore.

To date, 483 swimmers from 38 countries have completed 330 Ice Miles – and hundreds more have competed in Ice Kilometers in many ice swimming events around the world.

With an increasing number of ice swimmers doing increasingly colder and more extreme efforts around the world, the ice swimming community’s safety levels and standards are built on the years of practical experience and medical knowledge of Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova of Russia.

Arguably, she has helped improve and expand the knowledge base for the cold water swimming community more than any other individual in recent times,” observed Steven Munatones. “Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova is among the world’s leading medical experts in ice swimming and was voted in 2014 as the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

She researches, observes, advises, and watches over cold water swimmers like few others. It is her passion and her knowledge that are treasured among those who delve in waters below 5°C. With venues built out of frozen lakes, she helps the swimmer prepare for and recover from their extreme exploits with her scientific approach to rewarming and recovery

She’s one amazing woman and with that smile, she will forbid you from getting into the water,” recalls Nuala Moore.

During the Bering Strait Swim on the ship, she said anyone not passing [the physical] tests will not swim. She’s brilliant.”

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Steven Munatones