A Rush To Get Around The Isle of Wight

A Rush To Get Around The Isle of Wight

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Back in 2013, Anna Wardley became the first people in a generation to swim around the Isle of Wight that sits along the southern coast of England in the English Channel.

The Solent is the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England with all kinds of challenging tidal flows. This is just one of the difficult navigational points that swimmers must manage and handle. The 90 km circumnavigation swim of the Isle of Wight is one of the World’s Top 100 Island Swims and has been accomplished by the following swimmers:

1. Kevin Murphy in September 1971 in 26 hours 51 minutes [on his second attempt]
2. Michael Read MBE in August 1973 in 24 hours 36 minutes
3. Alison Streeter MBE in 1984 in 21 hours 2 minutes
4. Anna Wardley in 2013 in 26 hours 33 minutes

Oliver Rush will attempt a wetsuit swim around the Isle of Wight where he aims to raise £5,000 to continue his ocean conservation efforts and the global fight against plastic pollution.

He explains, “To put it bluntly and get straight to the point: this planet is being destroyed by our convenient way of living. Plastic pollution – amongst many other factors – plays a huge part in its destruction and it’s something we can all actively and practically help fight. The extent of the problem is almost incomprehensible. Unless we all work together, along with the powers that be….change the packaging, fishing methods, and learn to live with nature, rather than over-consuming at such an alarming rate then the future is looking bleak.

Thankfully so many people are waking up, joining the fight and dedicating huge parts of their lives to protecting this planet so that all life can flourish….not just humans. We share this planet, although sadly it seems that is often forgotten.…I plan to speak up for the voiceless, who are fighting just to stay alive. Most of you will have seen or know about the devastating impact plastic pollution, including discarded fishing gear is having on ocean life.

Last year, Rush swam 100 miles over 10 days and raised almost £10,000 for Clean Jurassic Coast CIC and Oceans to Earth CIC. He continues his quest:

This year’s swim is a huge challenge for me and the awesome team involved. A solo non-stop swim around the Isle off Wight, and to spice it up even more im planning on setting a new world record time with a wetsuit. It’s going to be a brutal swim.

I will continue to fully support Clean Jurassic Coast CIC and Oceans to Earth CIC that do incredible work along the coast. I also want to raise money for one of the hardest working beach cleaner/ocean activists I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, Andrew Frost or ’Frosty’ from Turn The Tide Cornwall. Frosty is in need of a bigger boat to keep him safe along the unpredictable and rugged Cornish coastline where he clears unbelievable amounts of plastic and detritus. It will also help to fund the ongoing work at Chapmans pool and other areas that I will continue with in the autumn/winter months. The swim Is huge, the target is huge, but so is the battle we all face.”

For more information on Rush’s charity swim, visit here.

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