A Talk About Ocean Carbon Cycles

A Talk About Ocean Carbon Cycles

A Talk About Ocean Carbon Cycles

Courtesy of AltaSea, Port of Los Angeles, California.

AltaSea is organized a Live Chat with Dr. Burke Hales on ocean carbon cycles on June 19th from 12 noon to 1 pm California time.

Dr. Hales is a professor of ocean ecology and biogeochemistry at Oregon State University with degrees in chemical engineering and chemical oceanography at the University of Washington. He served as a Department of Energy Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in Climate Change at Columbia University.

His research focuses on the ocean’s carbon cycles at its boundaries:
* the seafloor
* the air-sea interface
* the land-ocean margins

Register for the online discussion by Dr. Hales here.

Dr. Hales invented the “Burke-o-Lator,” a system that has revolutionized shore-based ocean acidification monitoring, and is the principal investigator of PacWave, a grid-connected wave energy test facility.

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