A Textbook For Living: Auf der Erfolgswelle schwimmen

A Textbook For Living: Auf der Erfolgswelle schwimmen

Two-time Olympic medalist and the most successful open water swimmer in world championship history, Thomas Lurz has written a book with Yasmin M. Fargel called Auf der Erfolgswelle schwimmen: Was junge Menschen wissen müssen, um erfolgreich zu werden.

Published by GABAL in 2012 and available in German, the title is roughly translated into English as Float on the Wave of Success: What Young People Need to Know For Success.

Over his long career, the 33-year-old German superstar wanted to write a book because he gives many motivational speeches about how to deal with both winning and losing. “There exists many parallel things between the sporting and working world. I wanted to write these thoughts down after doing sp many speeches in front of big corporations and leading people.”

The hardcover page was not easy to write.

It was not easy to write a book that is right, but I wanted to do something besides swimming because you always need to fight to be successful. The world of sport is one thing, but after your retirement you need to have something to do. But after the book was finished, it felt great. I was something completely different than swimming.”

Like many athletes in the sport who have penned books including Maarten van der Weijden, Lewis Pugh, Penny Dean, Lynne Cox, Kate Rew, Linda McGill, Marcia Cleveland, Tim Johnson, Shelley Taylor-Smith, Diana Nyad, Antonio Argüelles, Nora Toledano, Jose Diaz, Tony Sellmeyer, Matthew Webb, Gail Grabowsky, Gary Emich, Joseph Oakes, Yuko Matsuzaki, Daniel Start, Phil Whitten, Sri Chinmoy, Montserrat Tresserras, Gary Emich, Tom Hetzel, James Pittar, Lisa Bier, Susie Parr, Lynn Sherr, and Theodore Yach, Lurz understands very well the one major advantage of open water swimming: “One advantage of our sport is endurance and never giving up. This attitude is very important for everything.”

After all the successes and loses during his career, Lurz is certainly an authority and a living example of this attitude.

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Steven Munatones