A Two-fer Swim Across America

A Two-fer Swim Across America

Event Director Kitty Tetreault of Swim Across America announced a two-fer weekend in Massachusetts.

On Friday, July 13th, the Boston Harbor Swim is a 22-mile charity relay around beautiful Boston Harbor Islands.

The day starts early when swimmers and volunteers meet at sunrise at Rowes Wharf in Boston and board the Mon Amour and Secret Love.

After doing 4-6 legs of 15 minutes each interspersed between resting on board, all swimmers jump off the boats together and swim to shore to climax the fund-raiser for the Perini Quality of Life Clinic at the Dana-Farber Hospital.

The next day, the Nantasket Beach Swim is a ½- recreational swim and a 1-mile competitive swim along the shores of beautiful Nantasket Beach.

College teams, high school teams and triathlete teams form to swim in honor or in memory of an individual fallen by cancer. Additionally, a new CrossFit Division Challenge is available this year for CrossFit members at the Nantasket Beach Swim.

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Steven Munatones