A Warm Icy Welcome To The Open Water

A Warm Icy Welcome To The Open Water

After 7-time Olympic medalist Aaron Peirsol finished his first elite open water swimming competition on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, his fellow swimmers welcomed him to the world of open water swimming.

A trio of swimmers found an ice bucket and dumped it on the unsuspecting American during his TV interviews.

Good-natured about it, Peirsol smiled and thanked his new buddies in the King and Queen of the Sea:

1. Team Brazil: Samuel de Bona and Poliana Okimoto 40:49.74
2. Team South Africa: Chad Ho and Keri-Anne Payne 40:55.08
3. Team Italy: Valerio Cleri and Alice Franco: 40:55.57
4. Team Canada: Xavier Deshamais and Zsofia Balazs 40:58.07
5. Team Japan: Yasunari Hirai and Kaoru Yamanaka 41:49.00
6. Team USA: Aaron Peirsol and Ashley Twichell 41:53.69
7. Team Argentina: Guillermo Bertola and Pilar Geijo 41:56.07

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Steven Munatones