Abhejali Bernardová Continues Her Mission In Palau

Abhejali Bernardová Continues Her Mission In Palau

Courtesy of WOWSA, Ngerekebesang Island, Palau.

After completing the Oceans Seven in Abhejali Bernardová recently competed in the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run and 1.5 km Independence Day Open Water Swim in Ngerekebesang Island, Palau.

Bernardová is an active peace runner and member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team from Zlin, Czech Republic who became the tenth person in history, fourth woman and first swimmer from Czech Republic to achieve the Oceans Seven channels.

She has also achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (English Channel + Catalina Channel + Manhattan Island Marathon Swim) and completed a number of 6-day run, 24-hour runs, and 100 km runs.

She is running and swimming in Palau with its 200+ islands in the western Pacific Ocean. The Peace Run is held on the islands of Koror, Meyungs and Babeldaob that are linked by bridges or causeways.

Not only is Palau the first country in the world to create a shark sanctuary, the Palau Pledge was created by the children of the island which every visitor must sign before entering Palau:

Children of Palau.
I take this pledge,
as your guest,
to preserve and protect
your beautiful and unique
island home.

“I vow to tread lightly,
act kindly and
explore mindfully.

“I shall not take
what is not given.

“I shall not harm
what does not harm me.

“The only footprints
I shall leave are those
that will wash away

Palauans have also taken the pledge including the president, the first pledgee, and traditional chiefs and residents. Education plays an important part in supporting the pledge as locals commit to protecting and celebrating the uniqueness of their home. A new curriculum for primary and secondary school students and other programs will help build eco-awareness in tomorrow’s leaders and conscious business principles within the tourist sector.

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