About Us

World Open Water Swimming Association

To educate, entertain, and enthuse those who venture beyond the shore.

WOWSA is an international association dedicated to the organization, promotion and recognition of open water swimmers, events, records, trends, publications, films, podcasts and achievements in the world of marathon swimming, including solo and relay channel crossings, competitive races of all distances, especially the Olympic 10k Marathon Swim, extreme swimming (including ice swimming, winter swimming, stage swimming, and high-altitude swimming), coaching, officiating, and piloting.

WOWSA History & Governance

WOWSA was established in July 2005 by Steven Munatones in order to support the global growth of open water swimming. Its initial focus was to promote the introduction of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

WOWSA Board of Directors

Its board of directors include Antonio Argüelles, an Oceans Seven and Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming member from Mexico City, and Quinn Fitzgerald, the 2019 International Ice Swimming World Champion from San Francisco.

WOWSA Advisory Board

Its advisors include 7-time professional marathon swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith, Olympic swimming coach and race director Chris Morgan, open water swimming lifestyle influencer Lexie Kelly, ocean advocate Bruckner Chase and Olympic champion Aaron Peirsol.


World Open Water Swimming Association

WOWSA is dedicated to promoting open water swimming around the world. We do this by tracking the events, swimmers and accomplishments that make up the open water community on our daily blog with over 19,000 articles to date.