Acapulco Grand Prix

Acapulco Grand Prix

The 1.5K and 3K Acapulco Grand Prix is sandwiched between the opening and closing days of the Central American and Caribbean Aquatic Sports Convention (Convención Centroamericana Y Del Caribe De Las Especialidades Acuáticas) held between August 26-29.

Ing. Kiril Todorov, President of the Mexican Swimming Federation, is hosting a number of speakers including Dr. Jim Miller who will be speaking about hydration and refueling for aquatic athletes and the Unique Challenges of Open Water Swimming.

Steven Munatones will make presentations about Developing Open Water Swimmers – From the Pool to the Open Water, Techniques of World-class Open Water Swimmers, Scientific Innovations in Swimming and The Champion’s Mind.

Other speakers include Dr. Juan Carlos Mazza, a Specialist in Sport Medicine from Argentina and President of Argentina´s Association of Exercise Science and Sport Medicine, Jessica Corones, a Biomechanical Analysis Specialist at the Sport Institute of the Australian NSW, Johnny and Cindy Johnson of the United States Swim School Association, Jim Fowlie of the Australian Sport Institute, Jose Armando Sanchez Marques, one of the most recognized coaches of Mexico, Sergio Alberto Chavez Rivera, Chairman and Founder Member of Mexican Organization of Aquatic Special Education, Abraham Bermejo, an Acuática Nelson Vargas coach, Maria Alicia, Founder and Director of ACUATICS Swimming School, Mónica Azueto Moguel, Director of Pedagogy at the El Delfín Swim Club, Heather Archer, a FINA synchronized swimming judge, Gail Emery, Head Coach at Stanford University and 6-time Olympic Coach, Salvador Sobrino, a celebrated diving coach, Angel Moliner, a 2-time Olympic water polo referee, Armando Forteza, author of 8 training methodology books, and Pedro Biart Camellar the National Water Polo Coach for Mexico.

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