Achievement With Mauna Endurance - On Dryland And In The Open Water

Achievement With Mauna Endurance – On Dryland And In The Open Water

Achievement With Mauna Endurance – On Dryland And In The Open Water

Courtesy of Mauna Endurance, Oceanside, California.

Mauna Endurance is an endurance sports-oriented company from Oceanside, California that was founded by Philip Billikopf and is staffed by engineers, bankers, accountants, and advertisers who also so happen to be accomplished endurance athletes and knowledgeable coaches in their specific fields of expertise.

Mauna Endurance offers 1-on-1 and online endurance coaching services, sports management technologies, and a variety of cutting-edge media production and communication services.

Its coaches include running, cycling and triathlon coaches (Philip Billikopf, Romain Babin, Josh Holman, Santiago Paz, Andres Sauma, Martin Ulloa, Olympia von Berg, Timothy Winslow), a strength and conditioning specialist (Kara Ringo), and a swimming and open water specialist (Lexie Kelly). Each of the coaches can offer highly personalized training plans in accordance to the specific goals, needs, health and lifestyle of their clients.

Kelly offers a Dryland Swimming Guide for US$35.00 that includes training videos and a strategic plan.

Billikopf explains, “Globally, we are experiencing unprecedented times due to COVID-19. Because of stay-at-home orders, social distancing and isolation, there is a lack of access to pools, swimming facilities and open water at the moment. To maintain our swimming fitness outside of the water, we have designed a 2-week training program.

Lexie Kelly finished the aQuellé Midmar Mile
Both weeks include 3 different types of workouts. The first, is a mid distance workout. The second, being a sprint workout, will get your fast swimming muscles going. Lastly, our third workout of the week will be distance. Each session is 30-45 minutes long. There are 6 different sessions

For more information on the Dryland Swimming Guide, visit

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