Achmat Hassiem Never Gives Up

Achmat Hassiem Never Gives Up

Achmat Hassiem, a South African open water swimmer who lost his leg to a 4.7m Great White Shark, gave a riveting TEDx Talk back in 2012.

The former lifeguard from Strandfontein Village in Cape Town jumped in front of a Great White Shark in order to save his younger brother. “It was my job to help my brother. I thought I was going to jump on its back, but the shark got hold of my right leg and I could hear my bones going to pieces. I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way I’m going to survive,’ but I was punching and fighting as best I could. Later, my brother helped me [survive] as he pinched my veins in order to help stop the bleeding [after being dragged underwater for 75 meters].”

For more information on the tough challenges Hassiem is currently facing, visit here.

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