Activist Athletes Go Natural

Activist Athletes Go Natural

Elemental Herbs sponsors Activist Athletes, a program reserved for the creme of the crop who excel in outdoor sports, while dedicating themselves to fight non-violently for environmental and social causes.

As leaders in their fields, our sponsored activist athletes are examples of what people can do for the world. They are our voices for change and part of our field-testing team who use our products in extreme environments, helping us create the most effective, high performance formulas available,” writes founder Caroline Duell.

Duell, initially launched Elemental Herbs with her All Good Goop formula in 1998 and has since expanded using arnica, balsam poplar, calendula, comfrey, green tea, lavender, rose, St John’s Wort and yarrow.

Elemental Herbs was incredible for the entire month I was in Amerika Samoa who uses the Elemental Herbs SPF 30 Sunstick on a 5-hour swim in water that was over 85°F (29.4°C) during the heat of the day,” said Ocean Activist Bruckner ChaseI am in the sun for hours at a time. The Stick is one of those simple, highly functional items that protects and serves with no negative impact on the environment.”

Their new sunscreen formula with zinc oxide includes organic green tea and rose hip antioxidants with organic jojoba and extra virgin olive moisturizing oils that is safe for coral reefs.

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Steven Munatones