Add A Peacock To The Mix

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Stephanie Peacock got her first international taste of competitive open water swimming in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the King and Queen of the Sea.

While she just missed out on a victory together with Chip Peterson, she was the queen of Miramar Lake in Florida today after winning her first international competition over American Tristin Baxter and Japanese Olympian Yumi Kida.

With the first step in qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics next month for the Americans, it is very convenient timing for Peacock to step into the mix in the highly competitive American women’s lead pack. She will have to deal with experienced stars such as Haley Anderson, Eva Fabian, Becca Mann, Christine Jennings, Ashley Twichell, and Tristin Baxter among others.

But it was the same as usual on the men’s side as the dominant American of this quadrennial, Alex Meyer, winning a close race over Sean Ryan and Chip Peterson. Like Peacock, Meyer hopes to finish in the top two at next month’s USA Swimming World Championship qualification race and then finish in the top 10 at the 2015 FINA World Swimming Championships 10 km marathon swim in order to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Women’s Results:
1 Stephanie Peacock (USA) 1:43:23.64 (winning US$4,500)
2 Tristin Baxter (USA) 1:43:30.80 (winning US$3,500)
3 Yumi Kida (Japan) 1:43:32.49 (winning US$1,500)
4 Christine Jennings (USA) 1:43:34.33 (winning US$1,000)
5 Emily Brunemann (USA) 1:43:37.37 (winning US$500)
6 Zsofi Balazs (Canada) 1:45:44.33
7 Heather Maitland (Canada) 1:47:16.11
8 Kylie Mitchell (USA) 1:48:51.61
9 Melissa Reyes (Mexico) 1:49:20.67
10 Casey Francis (USA) 1:49:31.21
11 Gillian Caverly (USA) 1:52:07.11 12 Caitin Nolan (Canada) 1:54:22.84

Men’s Results:
1 Alex Meyer (USA) 1:33:20.90 (winning US$4,500)
2 Sean Ryan (USA) 1:33:24.77 (winning US$3,500)
3 Chip Peterson (USA) 1:33:27.46 (winning US$1,500)
4 Taylor Abbott (USA) 1:34:15.96 (winning US$1,000)
5 Rob Muffels (Germany) 1:34:22.68 (winning US$500)
6 Ivan Ochoa (Ecuador) 1:34:25.58
7 Yosuke Miyamoto (Japan) 1:34:32.00
8 Richard Weinberger (Canada) 1:34:32.71
9 Shahar Resman (Israel) 1:34:39.86
10 Blake Manganiello (USA) 1:36:22.24
11 Jan Urbaniak (Poland) 1:37:02.37
12 Yoelvis Pedraza (USA) 1:37:12.58
13 Robert Finke (USA) 1:38:44.02
14 Nicholas Sweetser (USA) 1:38:44.99
15 Xavier Desharnais (Canada) 1:41:18.83
16 Christopher Deegan (Australia) 1:41:48.27
17 Christian Marsden (USA) 1:42:36.56
18 Andrew Gyenis (USA) 1:43:52.84
19 Ryan Feeley (USA) 1:43:53.18
20 Brian Ryckeman (Belgium) 1:44:05.24

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