Adherbal Treidler de Oliveira, Post-Shark Attack

Adherbal Treidler de Oliveira, Post-Shark Attack

Courtesy of Adherbal Treidler de Oliveira, Molokai Channel, Hawaii.

While jellyfish stings appear to be on the increase throughout the world, there are still relatively few shark attacks around the world.

But Brazilian swimmer Adherbal Treidler de Oliveira was not lucky.  He was hit by a cookiecutter shark in the Molokai Channel this week.  Bill Goding explained, “He began his Molokai Channel crossing at 4:23 pm off the west coast of Molokai and was struck at 10:25 pm.  He was hit on the inner thigh.  His boat pilot, Matt Buckman, handled the situation well – it was his second cookiecutter shark attack this year.

This was the third cookiecutter shark attack this year: Eric Schall in March, Isaiah Mojica in April, and Adherbal in July.”

Adherbal is a huge star in the marathon swimming community,” said Steven Munatones.  “He founded the 36 km Travessia do Leme ao Pontal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has aided and enabled many swimmers from around the world to get their first taste of marathon swimming.   Together with Renato Ribeiro Barbosa, Adherbal was nominated for the 2017 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year for the Traverssia do Leme ao Pontal event.”

Adherbal said, “All quiet and in peace.  I will be returning to Brazil this week.  I thank everyone for the many messages of affection and support received in the last few days.  [The shark attack] was a big scare, but I counted on a quick rescue.”

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Steven Munatones