Adventures In The Open Water: Swim Long

Adventures In The Open Water: Swim Long

Swim Long is a series of three adventure swims including the Salty Sea Dog Long Swim, the Swim Long Eton Dorney, and Adventure Swims that take place over the summer season in England.

The Salty Sea Dog Long Swim is held near the Urban Reef at the Boscombe Sea Front in The Overstrand, Boscombe in June. The 2.5 km, 3.8 km and 5 km races have been held for a decade in a counterclockwise oblong course.

The Swim Long Eton Dorney is held in the Olympic Eton Dorney lake venue in September. The 2.5 km race (with a 1 hour 30 minute cut-off time), the 3.8 km race (with a 2 hour 10 minute cut-off time), the 5 km race (with a 2 hour 30 minute cut-off time), and the 10 km marathon swim (with a 5 hour 30 minute cut-off time) are held in Dorney Lake at the Eton College Rowing Centre in Dorney, Windsor.

The Adventure Swims are a series of GPS-tracked, long distance swims in locations like Old Harry Rocks and St Ives Bay.

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