Adversarial Tides – A Gripping Film of Man vs. Nature

Adversarial Tides, directed by Chase Kenney and produced by Nick Gismondi, captures the excitement and the risks inherent in channel swimming. It is a gripping tale that pits four solo channel swimmers against the violent mood swings of the Pacific Ocean.

Marine life, ocean swells and the dark cold of night swimming present challenges and pitfalls for the swimmers, crew and pilots. Chase and Nick offer constant visual overload, brimming with scenes well-understood among open water swimmers and gripping to those who prefer terra firma.

The film takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster of failure and success, push-back and progress, in an element inhospitable to man. Whether the protagonists were standing in the escort boat, plotting their course, or swimming out in the Pacific, the award-winning film duo provide the sport of open water swimming with the platform to stand tall in front of movie goers.

Adversarial Tides: Feature documentary from Chase B Kenney on Vimeo.Copyright © 2011 by World Open Water Swimming Association
Steven Munatones