Africa Ice Swim Calls For Adventure Swimmers

Africa Ice Swim Calls For Adventure Swimmers

Ram Barkai‘s innovations continue coming. This time, he is organizing the Africa Ice Swim in July.

According to my books, an ice swim is a minimum of a mile (1.6K) swim in sub-5°C (41°F). In line with my mission to do an ice swim on every continent, I have searched and found an appropriate place in Africa – the New Dam in Fraserburg, South Africa,” explained Ram.

Fraserburg is in the middle of nowhere, about a five-hour drive from Cape Town, where the temperature drops to -8°C to -16°C at night around 1,400 meters (4593 feet) above sea level.”

The two-part event will have an Endurance Swim of 600 meters on July 16th, the coldest possible time of the year in the area, and a Mile Swim on July 17th.

Participation in both swims is by invitation only. They are high-risk swims that require appropriate safety and medical arrangements and will have a maximum of 30 swimmers,” Ram described from his headquarters in Cape Town. “Anyone wishing to participate in the Endurance Swim should contact Craig Doonan at”

The great thing about adventure swimming – especially cold-water events – is that it takes you to places you never thought you would ever swim. The swims link you to the local community and you become bonded with their common goal.”

But Ram’s last bit of advice is what all great adventure swimmers have shown through the years, “I have always believe that one’s mind can take one much further than one thinks is possible.”

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Steven Munatones