After The Olympics In Rio, 10K Will Be In Tokyo Bay

After The Olympics In Rio, 10K Will Be In Tokyo Bay

After The Olympics In Rio, 10K Will Be In Tokyo Bay

Courtesy of WOWSA, Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo Bay, Japan.

The first Olympic open water swimming debuted in a rowing basin in Beijing, then the aquatic discipline was showcased in the equally calm Serpentine in London. Next the 10 km marathon swim will be held in potentially rough water in Copacabana Beach during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

It was decided yesterday that Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee decided upon Tokyo over Istanbul and Madrid as its host for the 2020 Summer Olympics in September 2013.

As a result, Tokyo Bay will be the site of 2020 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim and triathlon swim leg.

The loop course for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be held along Odaiba Marine Park which is within minutes of the center of Tokyo. Athletes will be in full view of grandstands along a well-designed shopping and entertainment destination.

The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim and triathlon swim leg will take place along a promenade where tens of thousands of fans can cheer for the favorite triathletes and open water swimmers. “I believe this is the wrong location,” said Steven Munatones. “I do not understand the IOC’s decision. Sure, Odaiba is centrally located and convenient to the Olympic Village with all kinds of ground, train, and subway transportation to the venue.

But I am sure that the IOC members do not understand the extreme warmth and degree of pollution that is present in Tokyo Bay. This is a city of over 15 million people densely populated. Not only is the water too warm in the summer (over 30°C), but the pollution levels are just too high – the last time that I swam there in 1988, there were warning signs about swimming there. I understand that the venue is ideally located and will have only a slight bit of tidal action and a very slight potential for mild wind-generated surface chop – great for viewing a flat-water course. But the air temperature is expected to be toasty warm and very humid – all these factors were seemingly ignored when making a choice about the proper marathon swimming venue. There are so many alternative locations that would showcase the sport and Tokyo so much better

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